The 'Our Valley' Way!

The Our Valley, Our Future / Nuestro Valle, Nuestro Futuro community building initiative arose in late 2014 out of a desire to develop an overall vision and strategic action plan for the region, and to improve residents’ quality of life by creating a vibrant community while addressing some of our toughest challenges.

Built upon input from more than 5,000 residents and community leaders, this non-partisan initiative is a true grassroots, collaborative, values-based approach to breaking down barriers, finding common ground, combining and leveraging resources, and enhancing the region for years to come.

To date, Our Valley, Our Future has completed three phases of the initiative: Outreach (2015-16), Visioning (2015-16), and Planning (2016). It is now engaged in the Implementation Phase (2017-21).

What's New

OVOF launches Communications Project during coronavirus crisis

OVOF has created a system to get important messages in Spanish to the Latino community in our region during the coronavirus crisis. OVOF’s Latino Communications Project works like this: OVOF creates content (graphics, videos, daily update memos) based on info from reputable sources and then sends these in Spanish/English to Latino communicators to share within their own networks. More than 80 Spanish-language media, social media influencers and managers, and individuals throughout the region have joined this collaborative project. OVOF launched this project after requests from community leaders. 

Here are some of the infographics that have been created and then shared via the Latino Communications Project since March 24 (feel free to download and share them yourself):

Click here for the April 7 Daily Memo from the Latino Communications Network.

Click here to a Spanish-language video of Norma Gallegos offering advice and encouragement to residents.

Click here to a Spanish-language video of Jorge Chacón offering advice and encouragement to residents.

Click here to a Spanish-language video of Mario Cantu offering advice and encouragement to residents.

Click here for an infographic on how to make a face covering with a bandana

Click here for a graphic on how to manage anxiety during the COVID-19 crisis.

Click here to a Spanish-language video of Estrella Gonzalez-Gallegos offering advice and encouragement to residents.

Click here to a Spanish-language video of Ruth Esparza offering advice and encouragement to residents.

Click here to a Spanish-language video of Jose Luis Cuevas offering advice and encouragement to residents.

Click here for the April 6 Daily Memo from the Latino Communications Network.

Click here for the April 4 Daily Memo from the Latino Communications Network.

Here is a link to a Spanish-language video of Wilma Cartagena offering advice and encouragement to residents.

Here is a link to a Spanish-Language video of Teresa Bendito offering advice and encouragement to residents.

Click here for the April 3 Daily Memo from the Latino Communications Network.

Click here for a food banks graphic 

Click here for the April 2 Daily Memo from the Latino Communications Network 

Click here for a graphic on how to safely outdoor recreation in Chelan/Douglas counties

Click here for a graphic on disinfecting surfaces 

Click here for the April 1 Daily Memo from the Latino Communications Network

Click here for a CARES Act FAQ 

Click here for info regarding “letters” from employers 

Click here for a fraud alert 

Click here for a COVID-19 Spanish-language blog 

Click here for ways to keep grandparents safe

Click here for social distancing tips

Click here for a small business survey 

Click here for COVID symptoms

Open letter to residents from elected officials regarding COVID-19

Please click here for a letter from the mayors of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee and the county commissioners of Chelan and Douglas counties, imploring people to stay home and practice social distancing for the next week to stem the spread of COVID-19. Here is the same letter in Spanish

OVOF releases its Annual Report

Our Valley Our Future / Nuestro Valle Nuestro Futuro has released its Annual Report  The report chronicles outcomes from the work of lead partners and of OVOF itself. 

First housing panel discussion on March 12

The OVOF Housing Solutions Group kicks off its year-long panel discussion series on March 12 with a session on residential lending for first-time homebuyers and those seeking to live in diverse housing types. For more, please click here.

A look at how housing fared in 2019

The “Housing in Our Valley” report, a look at how the OVOF Housing Solutions Group’s recommendations to add more middle-market housing fared in 2019, is now available by clicking here  The report also takes a look at how the overall housing market in Chelan and Douglas counties performed last year.  For a press release on the report’s publication, please check here.

OVOF to focus on One Community game-changer in 2020

Here is a press release on Our Valley Our Future’s main focus of the year — advancing the One Community Game-Changer. 

2020 version of Action Plan released

Our Valley Our Future has added six new projects as part of the 2020 version of the OVOF Action Plan, the community’s guiding planning document. Here is a press release on these new projects. 

Researcher or innovator? Take The Bridge inventory survey

Wenatchee’s Bridge Research & Innovation District is conducting a survey that will help build an inventory of research- and innovation-minded businesses, organizations and individuals in the community. Survey respondents must be engaged in research and/or innovation in some capacity. Creation of the research and innovation inventory is being supported by the WSU Center for Innovation and by Our Valley Our Future.

Why regional thinking, collaboration and inclusion are key

Our Valley Our Future’s ‘One Community’ Working Group has been meeting since May 2019 to research ways the community can further regional thinking and inclusion in the face of continuous change and challenges. Please click here for a Nov. 5, 2019, article written by Wenatchee World publisher emeritus Rufus Woods. Please click here for comments from a Sept. 18 roundtable attended by 35 community leaders. And please click here for comments from an Oct. 16 roundtable attended by 25 residents in their 20s and 30s. A final report from the One Community Working Group is scheduled to be released in late 2019 or early 2020.

OVOF releases WSU's emerging tech study of Wenatchee area

The study analyzes the benefits of tech sector growth and the gaps that exist in the community for that sector. Please click here for the study’s final report. Please click here for a flyer capturing the study’s main findings. This study is one of the steps in the OVOF collaborative Technology Hub game-changer project.

Take the 2020 New Projects Survey!

Our Valley Our Future is considering adding six new projects and programs to the 2020 version of its Action Plan. Please take the survey here and let us know how big of a priority for the community you consider these projects. Those who complete the survey and enter their email address will be included in a drawing for a $50 gift certificate to McGlinn’s restaurant.

The Bridge Research & Innovation District strategic plan

The Bridge Research & Innovation District, one of seven game-changers in the OVOF Action Plan, has released its first strategic plan. Please click here for a look.

Survey and other feedback on six new OVOF projects

Our Valley Our Future sought feedback from residents about six potential new projects for the 2019 version of OVOF’s action plan. Please click here for a look at how important residents consider these projects.

OVOF Housing Report Released

The Our Valley Our Future Housing Solutions Group released its Housing Report on Nov. 16, 2018. Please click here for a PDF of the 60-page Housing Report and its 18 recommendations to add more middle-market housing in Chelan and Douglas counties.

Our Action Plan is Our Main Tool

The Action Plan developed by Our Valley Our Future / Nuestro Valle Nuestro Futuro is the guiding document and at the heart of everything the initiative and its lead partners are striving for. The Action Plan includes more than 150 specific actions and seven major “game-changer” projects. More than 80 lead partners — a combination of nonprofit organizations, businesses, public agencies and community groups — are committed to seeing these programs and projects to fruition as part of a collaborative effort to improve the livelihoods of all in Our Valley.