The 'Our Valley' Way!

The Our Valley, Our Future / Nuestro Valle, Nuestro Futuro community building initiative arose in late 2014 out of a desire to develop an overall vision and strategic action plan for the region, and to improve residents’ quality of life by creating a vibrant community while addressing some of our toughest challenges.

Built upon input from more than 5,000 residents and community leaders, this non-partisan initiative is a true grassroots, collaborative, values-based approach to breaking down barriers, finding common ground, combining and leveraging resources, and enhancing the region for years to come.

To date, Our Valley, Our Future has completed three phases of the initiative: Outreach (2015-16), Visioning (2015-16), and Planning (2016). It is now engaged in the Implementation Phase (2017-21).

What's New

Survey and other feedback on six new OVOF projects

Our Valley Our Future sought feedback from residents about six potential new projects for the 2019 version of OVOF’s action plan. Please click here for a look at how important residents consider these projects.

OVOF Housing Report Released

The Our Valley Our Future Housing Solutions Group released its Housing Report on Nov. 16, 2018. Please click here for a PDF of the 60-page Housing Report and its 18 recommendations to add more middle-market housing in Chelan and Douglas counties.

Request for Proposals for Economic Study of Emerging Tech

Our Valley Our Future is requesting proposals from individuals and businesses to complete an economic study of emerging technologies in the Wenatchee Valley. Please click here for a full description of the services being requested.


Our Action Plan is Our Main Tool

The Action Plan developed by Our Valley Our Future / Nuestro Valle Nuestro Futuro is the guiding document and at the heart of everything the initiative and its lead partners are striving for. The Action Plan includes 149 specific actions and seven major “game-changer” projects. More than 80 lead partners — a combination of nonprofit organizations, businesses, public agencies and community groups — are committed to seeing these programs and projects to fruition as part of a collaborative effort to improve the livelihoods of all in Our Valley.