About Our Valley, Our Future / Nuestro Valle, Nuestro Futuro

Our Valley, Our Future / Nuestro Valle, Nuestro, founded in 2015, is a community visioning, planning and development initiative that is tackling tough community challenges and working toward transforming the region into a better place to live, work and play. This is being accomplished by engaging with people from all walks of life, honoring what they envision for the region’s future, and then putting those steps into action through the Our Valley Action Plan.

For many years, the region has benefitted from the strong presence of the agricultural industry, in particular the fruit and wheat industries, hydroelectric power generation, medical, retail and tourism sectors. At the same time, the region has endured years of high poverty rates, relatively low education and workforce skill levels, low wage structure, and a multitude of jurisdictions that have made decision-making slow and difficult if not impossible at times, impeding progress. 

Our Valley believes a true grassroots, collaborative, values-based approach is necessary in taking on these challenges. Only then can the community break down barriers, find common ground, and combine and leverage resources.

Our Valley is overseen by a Core Team, made up of representatives from the public, private and nonprofit sectors. The more than 150 projects and programs in its Action Plan are led by 81 lead partner organizations. 

Our Big Vision

Our Valley is a united, prosperous and thriving region, built on our agricultural heritage and history of innovation.  We collaborate across geographic, political and cultural boundaries.  Together with our business community, our local  governments, public agencies and organizations coordinate their decisions and actions, spending resources wisely and enhancing public services.  Our communities have vibrant centers with housing, amenities and public transportation, and safe, affordable neighborhoods.  Our diverse cultures embrace their commonalities ñ and celebrate their distinctiveness.  At all levels, our educators, schools and colleges engage and prepare students for our future workforce.  Our economy generates new opportunities through knowledge and innovation.  We have living wage jobs that support our families, and rewarding programs and activities that enrich our children, young adults and seniors.  We are a destination for recreation, ecotourism and agritourism. We are stewards of our natural environment, enhancing our livability, health and wellness.  Our Valley is where we live, grow and work for a better future.

Our Action Plan

The Action Plan includes more than 150 specific actions and seven major “game-changer” projects. More than 80 lead partners — a combination of nonprofit organizations, businesses, public agencies and community groups — are committed to seeing these programs and projects to fruition as part of a collaborative effort to improve the livelihoods of all in Our Valley.

Our Valley Board of Directors

The Our Valley visioning, planning and development initiative is overseen by representatives from both the public sector and private sector. Here is the Board of Directors:

Lori Barnett
City of East Wenatchee

Karen Francis-McWhite
NCW Economic Development District

Paul Gordon
Wenatchee School District

 Jessica Kendall                                     Chelan-Douglas Land Trust

Jim Kuntz
Port of Chelan County

Steve King
City of Wenatchee

Stacy Luckensmeyer
Wenatchee Valley College

Shayne Magdoff
East Wenatchee resident

David Olson
Columbia Valley Community Health

Kevin Overbay
Chelan County Commission

Lisa Parks
Port of Douglas County

Sara Rolfs
Pinnacles Prep charter school

Shiloh Burgess
Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce

Dan Sutton
Douglas County Commission

Alan Walker
Chelan Douglas Community Action Council

Allison Williams
City of Wenatchee

Our Valley Leadership Alliance

Our Valley Core Team appointed a Leadership Alliance to advise it on game-changer project implementation and on ‘big-picture’ issues facing the community. Here is the Leadership Alliance:

Selina Danko
Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center 

Clay Gatens
Jeffers Danielsen 

Frank Kuntz
Wenatchee mayor 

Steve Lacy
East Wenatchee mayor

Jessi Mendoza
Numerica Credit Union 

Jeff Ostenson
North 40 Productions 

Lisa Parks
Port of Douglas County

Shiloh Schauer
Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce

Carli Schaffner
Wenatchee Valley College

Galen Sorom
Confluence Health 

Beth Stipe
Community Foundation of NCW

Rufus Woods
The Wenatchee World 

Steve Wright
Chelan County PUD

Our Valley Staff

Our Valley is overseen on a day-to-day basis by Steve Maher, who serves as a contracted project coordinator. Steve can be reached at info@ourvalleyourfuture.org.

Our 2018 Sponsors

Our Valley Core Team appointed a Leadership Alliance to advise it on game-changer project implementation and on ‘big-picture’ issues facing the community. Here is the Leadership Alliance:

City of East Wenatchee

City of Wenatchee

Columbia Valley Community Health

Community Foundation of NCW

Confluence Health

Cordell Neher

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Logic 20/20

Port of Douglas County

Port of Chelan County

State of Washington

Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce

Wenatchee Valley College