2017 - 2021 Action Plan

Released January 2017

The community’s first five-year Action Plan was released in January 2017 following two years of outreach, visioning and planning work. In 2015-16, more than 3,000 residents in Chelan and Douglas counties offered input, including 23 percent who self-identified as Latino.

Report Card since 2017

As of January 2021, objectives have largely been met in four of the seven game-changer projects, and in 94 of the 161 other projects and programs that make up the 2017-21 Action Plan.

Focus Areas for Action

The 2017-21 Action Plan includes seven “game-changer” projects, 161 other projects and programs, and more than 80 lead partnering organizations — all spread across six focus areas. These focus areas cover the following:

Economy and Jobs

The environment, conservation and outdoor recreation

Education, the arts and culture

Housing, transportation and growth

Health care, public safety and social services

Governance and decision-making

Game-Changer Projects

The seven game-changer projects include:

Technology Hub

Regional Trails Organization

Early Childhood Learning

One Community

Regional Housing Approach

Alleviating Generational Poverty

The Bridge Research & Innovation District

Community-Crafted Vision

The Action Plan also includes an overall Vision as crafted by residents:

Our Valley is a united, prosperous and thriving region, built on our agricultural heritage and history of innovation.

Together with our business community, our local governments, public agencies and organizations coordinate their decisions and actions, spending resources wisely and enhancing public services.

Our diverse cultures embrace their commonalities and celebrate their distinctiveness.

Our economy generates new opportunities through knowledge and innovation.

We are a destination for recreation, ecotourism and agritourism.

Our Valley is where we live, grow and work for a better future.

We collaborate across geographic, political and cultural boundaries.

Our communities have vibrant centers with housing, amenities and public transportation, and safe, affordable neighborhoods.

At all levels, our educators, schools and colleges engage and prepare students for our future workforce.

We have living wage jobs that support our families, and rewarding programs and activities that enrich our children, young adults and seniors.

We are stewards of our natural environment, enhancing our livability, health and wellness.